A Will is a legal document that controls the distribution of your assets upon your death. You choose who is to receive your assets and who is not. It also provides you with the opportunity to appoint a guardian for minor children. This is very important as it gives you the right to choose who will raise your children instead of the court appointing someone. You also choose who is to be the personal representative (executor) of your estate.

A common misconception about a Will is that you do not have to go through probate if you have a Will. This is incorrect; a Will MUST be probated. Think of it this way: A Will is a TICKET to probate. Probating an estate can be costly and time consuming, but a Will is still a necessary and beneficial document. If you die without a will (or trust), the State of Michigan decides who gets your assets.

If you have a relative that you do not want to inherit from you, it is important to draft the Will correctly or it may be contested. 

Our attorneys can help you create a Will that can distribute your assets in the manner you desire and help prevent your Will from being contested. 

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