Can I keep my home if I go into the nursing home?

Yes you can. Under Michigan law, you are allowed to keep your home as long as the equity (the fair market value minus any liens) does not exceed $572,000. That may seem like a lot but if you own a farm or other land, it can easily exceed the limit. If you have a spouse that lives there, or a minor or disabled child, then there is no equity limit.  

The home includes any land that it adjoining to it. For example: If you have a home and 40 acres that is all adjoining, and the equity is $300,000, then your home and the 40 acres are exempt; meaning you are allowed to keep it. 

If you have additional land or cottages, other homes, etc., those will not be exempt and will be counted towards the asset limit. However, there are legal planning options available to protect these. 

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