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Due to the Coronavirus, many people have been out of work and businesses have closed. This has caused a financial strain for a lot of people. People who now find themselves behind on their payments may be facing foreclosure of their homes and repossession of their vehicles.  Bankruptcy may be a viable option to get you back on your feet again so you can move forward with your life and your families lives.  Michael has handled bankruptcy cases ranging from young people who get in trouble with credit cards and repossessions, middle aged people who went through a divorce, to retired people on a fixed income. Bankruptcy can eliminate certain debts, stop foreclosures and repossessions, and give you relief from the stress of creditors calling you when you no longer have the money to pay them. Please feel free to call to set up a free initial consultation to see if Bankruptcy can help you. Right now, we all need a little help. 

Supportive Elder Law Firm in Battle Creek, MI

Ensure you or a loved one has the legal support they need when they are moved into a long-term care facility by seeking the services of Michael B. Walling, PLC. As an elder law firm in Battle Creek, MI, Michael focuses his practice on assisting elderly individuals with legal protections as they transition to nursing care. With more than 20 years of experience, he has helped countless clients protect their assets. To learn more about the legal support he has to offer or to schedule a consultation, reach out to his firm.

Complete Estate Planning

One of the key ways to protect your assets for your family and the future is to have a concrete estate plan in place. By seeking the assistance of Michael and his elder law firm, you will have the support you need to develop your estate plan. From drafting your will to determining powers of attorney and trusts, he will work diligently to ensure everything is taken care of correctly. This way, you will have peace of mind that your assets are secure and that your family will be taken care of well into the future.

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